The workshop at Jarlsberg

We are a small and ambitious team located at Jarlsberg airfield that is part of an expanding community of top engineering talent devoted to sustainable mobility. We share knowledge across multiple disciplines and take active part in the development of other on-site projects spearheading the era of electric aviation. Feel free to drop by and see the exciting work being done here. 


Visit us

Flyplassveien 15, 3170 Tønsberg.

By plane
Drop by and pay us a visit. The runway is 799 meters long and located at 59°17'60.00" N 10°21'59.99" E. Taxi right up to the hangar.

By car
12 minutes drive from Tønsberg. Park your car by the gate and give us a call so we can accompany you on the airfield.

By bike
20 minutes ride from Tønsberg station (only 15 minutes on a Quike ;) . Turn right by the church near Jarlsberg farm. Watch our for aircraft when crossing the runway!



Flyplassveien 6, 3170 Tønsberg. 926 817 043

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