The Quike Rover  

Let's you explore the world all year around.

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Bring everything you need for your commute and weekend adventures. 

Not a car, not a bike. It's a Quike.

Quike is here to move you.


Go anywhere

The Quike handles uneven and rough terrain in a variety of climates thanks to its unique and robust suspension. Go explore!


With a low center of gravity and ergonomic riding position the rider enjoys a fun and comfortable ride, while safely protected from front-, rear- and side-impacts by robust wheels.

Cargo space

There is plenty of storage space in the watertight box for your commute or on new adventures. If you need that extra duffel bag it can be strapped on the robust rails on top. 

Robust Drive Train

Industry leading high performance electric drivetrains power the Quike. The powerful electric motor will boost you to your destination without breaking a sweat!

Are you ready to Quike? 

Reserve the Quike Rover before it becomes available for purchase

We are aiming to have the first bikes ready in 2024


Flyplassveien 6, 3170 Tønsberg. 926 817 043

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