Our mission

Sustainable transport 

The electrification of transport has started, but we are still decades away from transitioning to a sustainable transportation system. A key limiting factor is the mining of necessary minerals, furthermore global energy production would have to triple in order to electrify all transport. An efficient strategy in achieving sustainability is to adopt lighter electric vehicles (LEVs) that consume less energy. LEVs are an emerging category of vehicles that will become prevalent in the coming years. Conservative estimates for the European market state that more than 200.000 units will be sold annually by 2030.

Simply put, we can do more by consuming less.

Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable transport. We founded Quike in 2021 to prove that LEVs can be better and more fun to drive than cars.

How do we make personal mobility more sustainable?

Our cities are crowded, noisy and polluted with car emissions. But how can we replace the car when our societies and infrastructure has been built around it for the last 100 years? The habit will be hard to break and we need an alternative that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable while also convenient and efficient - all year round! We don't have all the answers, but it is clear that most people are tired of bad news and ready for change. Oslo and other scandinavian cities aim to be pollution-free by 2030 and Nordic consumers are rapidly adopting new, green, and economic modes of transport.

We want to make quiking a sustainable option that is better than a car and for you to choose the Quike in your daily routine by making it a fun and exhilarating experience. Who says commuting has to be a drag?


Our journey

Polarbug - The first cargo bike on Antarctica.

Taking on the challenge

We are confident that four wheel electric bikes can be a compelling transportation alternative for an environmentally sustainable future. To make a convincing argument we set forth an ambitious goal to prove without a doubt that four wheel bikes could provide outstanding performance in a variety of terrains. The Polarbug was built for offroad use in extreme conditions - and what better place to test it than the unrelenting climate of Antarctica?

In order to negotiate the rugged terrain we came up with a unique wheel suspension. The front- and back wheels tilt independent of each other, ensuring that all wheels are in contact with the surface at all times. This design breakthrough reduced a lot of weight and complexity making the vehicle more nimble and capable.

What we learned

Since March 2022 The Polarbug has logged more than 500 km in Antarcticas Queen Maud land across ice roads, glaciers, snow, sand, pebbles and rock. It has performed beyond our expectations and provided us with several key learnings. Experience gained from The Polarbug has laid the foundation for our first commercial product - The Quike Rover. 

Key learnings and prototyping

We design, build and test various designs of The Quike Rover in our workshop at Jarlsberg Airport, close to Tønsberg city. In order for The Quike to have a meaningful impact the riding experience has to be safe, comfortable and enjoyable. We've paid a lot of attention getting it just right. With more than 200 significant CAD iterations and four completed prototypes we have found the perfect balance between utility, ergonomics and performance.

Now we are developing a pre-production version of The Quike Rover.


Quike Vision


Quike evolved

The Quike Rover is an open four-wheel electric bike with plenty of storage space that can be customised to your needs with different add-ons. It is the foundation for our vision of a closed light electric vehicle keeping you protected from wind, rain and snow. We call it the Quike Vision and it will be a fun, safe and capable alternative to the car.

In order to truly make biking an all year activity the ride should be an enjoyable experience in all kinds of weather. Getting around should be a breeze in your new daily commuter, in all seasons.


The Quike Rover will be available in low volume from 2023 and we aim to have a pre-production version of the Quike Vision in the works by 2024. Do you want to know more? Subscribe to follow our journey!


Try the Quike experience!

Wanna try the Quike?

We've been living in the Quike-bubble for more than two years now and really want to know what you think about it. We want feedback, both good and bad in order to build a compelling product for you to enjoy. Please join us as we showcase The Quike Rover at various locations in 2023. See you there!



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