The Team

We are a small ambitious team working passionately to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Our backgrounds are diverse, but our values are the same. We care about the world and want to make an impact. No frills or glamour - just a fierce devotion to the mission.

Kristián Kierulf

Lead designer and co-founder

Kristián has a passion for aircraft and electric mobility and has previously worked with Pipistrel, Equator Aircraft and Ruter on public transport solutions in Oslo. He is an energetic industrial designer with a keen eye for details and focus on user experience. Quike is the brainchild of Kristián and his can-do-attitude inspired us to join the mission.

Sebastian Orskaug

COO and co-founder

Sebastian has a strong sense for adventure and passion for finance and emerging technologies with social impact. He spent a year as a medical doctor on Antarctica putting the Polarbug through its paces.

He is annoyingly well-organised, an attribute stemming directly from his former profession, and his entrepreneurial spirit drew him into the project from the very start.

Tomas Brødreskift

Industrial designer and co-founder

Tomas is an electric aircraft pioneer. His first flight attempt was observed at age five in a cardboard box with wings. In true Silicon Valley fashion he developed two first-of-its-kind electric aircraft from his garage.

His relentless pursuit of sustainable flight has spawned an ecosystem of top engineering talent in Norway working on both electric airplanes and Quikes.

Per Pfeffer

Materials specialist and investor

Surgeon, sailor, pilot - Per is a larger than life character with an adventurous spirit that will sweep you off your feet. Good with his hands, he has developed remarkable skills in aluminium and carbon-composite fabrication.

Former transplant surgeon turned full time eco-warrior. He is an inspiring supporter, employee and investor of Quike.

Natale Hugvik

Service & brand designer

Natale is an experienced service and product designer, never losing sight of the big picture. She has substantial experience as design strategist leading startups within aviation and social entrepreneurship, large companies within telecom, fintech and health care. An artist at heart with an arsenal of graphic design tools to create compelling digital communication. Her strong creative spirit sees and unlocks the company's potential beyond user design across a multitude of domains. Natale, you complete us!



Wanna join the team?

We are building a network of supporters interested in the mission and enjoy working with independent thinkers and talented creators. Please drop us a line if you think you can help our mission. We would love to hear from you!



Flyplassveien 6, 3170 Tønsberg. 926 817 043

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