Try the Quike experience 

User centric design is at our core and we need your feedback. Try the Quike and meet the team at upcoming events in 2023! Time and place will be announced here and in our newsletter.

Startup extreme

The Alps of the Nordics - Norway, Hemsedal - April 26-27th 2023

Startup Extreme was created by the passionate founders of Startup Norway in 2015, with the goal of showcasing the Norwegian startup scene to the world. Seven years on, Norway has evolved into one of Europe's fastest growing startup ecosystems.

This will be the first startup arena we are showcasing the Quike Rover and we are excited to join this event. 

Micromobility Europe

Amsterdam on 1 and 2 June 2022. 

Micromobility Europe is jam-packed with opportunities to ride the most innovative new electric scooters, bikes, boards, and buggies, as well as to explore the key issues that are redefining urban mobility.

We are looking forward to launch the Quike Rover at this years micromobility conference and to share our story and mission.



How can the Quike solve different user needs and challenges?

In 2022 several Quike prototypes were evaluated in various topographies with different users and use cases. Testing safety, functionality and discovering user needs early on was a priority that culminated in various robust bare-bone designs as seen below. Seeing how the Quike performed in a variety of terrains has been encouraging and reinforced both our confidence and commitment to the mission. It feels like gradually discovering a new mode of transport. 

We are grateful for the support and encouragement from all our followers. Thank you Quikers!



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