The Quike Rover

Designed for extreme conditions.

The Quike Rover offers an exhilarating ride as you carve into turns while the onboard motor boosts you to your destination. Bring everything you need for your commute and weekend adventures. First bikes will be ready i 2024. 


When is it available?

The Quike Rover will be available earliest Q2 2024. We are currently booking orders and will set a production timeline based on orders received before Q3 2023. This will be managed in close communication with the people on the list. 

What is the range?

The lithium Ion battery packs are very powerful, but range on EV's is always dependant on many factors. If you go "full power" mode on a very cold day you'll probably drain the battery in about half the time, but on normal use you can ride the Rover over 100 km before a re-charge is needed.

How much does the Quike weigh? 

The Quike Rover weighs in at 45 kg. Made of aluminum alloy it is optimized for cost of manufacture, ruggedness and longevity but is still one of the lightest vehicles in this category.

What is the cargo capacity?

Of course you can load a lot based on the way you plan to use the Quike, but in general we recommend a maximum load in the cargo box of 35 kg and light packs on top, this is mostly due to the stability of the tilting control being compromised if you load heavy and elevated.

What are the add-ons?

We aim to create a large portfolio of add-ons for the Quike Rover. We will start with small things like fenders, and other protective details. Then move on to alternative cargo racks or even child carrying seats based on users wishes. There are endless opportunities once a stable platform like this is built.

Does it come in other colours?

Yes! The Quike can be customized fully to your liking, we'll get back to you with the details on these options.

Where can I try it?

There are a few ways: look at the events page for the next event close to you, visit our HQ after contacting our team, or sign up on the testing list and we'll arrange a "meet and greet" asap.


Reserve the Quike Rover before it becomes available for purchase

We are aiming to have the first bikes ready in 2024.



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